Why is travel with Friendship Force Called a “Journey”?

Journeys were originally known as “exchanges,” which came from our organization’s early history when communities would actually exchange large delegations of citizen ambassadors. In some cases there were several hundred people traveling in each direction. Recently, we have transitioned to using the more transformational term “journey,” since it is better suited to the amazing programs our members plan and experience as they journey to become a temporary citizen for a few days through our home hospitality program. We think this gets you straight to the heart of a country and its people.


What is a home stay or home hospitality?

Home hospitality is the signature program of Friendship Force. This means that, on most Journeys, you will have the opportunity to be a guest for a few days in someone’s home, where the real power of citizen diplomacy can be experienced. You will learn first-hand the difference between travel as a tourist and the experience of being a temporary citizen.


Who are the host families?

Host families are members or friends of Friendship Force in the host community. They are not paid to provide hosting but do so because of their interest in getting to know “citizen ambassadors” from other countries. Your host and their family become your inside guides to the country and its people. There is no better way to explore the world!


Is there a typical itinerary?

Each Journey itinerary is unique, but most will combine a Friendship Force homestay with an active program of taking in the local sites while learning first-hand about the culture by establishing a personal relationship with your hosts.


Must I belong to a Friendship Force club in order to join a journey?

No. You may apply directly to the leader (Coordinator) for any Journey listed in the catalog. (In some cases, your Journey fee will include a one-year membership in the sponsoring club.) If you live in a community where a club exists, you may want to consider joining so you can participate in the ongoing programs that promote global understanding through friendship.


What are Friendship Force clubs?

Friendship Force Journeys are organized through a volunteer network of more than 350 chapters (clubs) and partners in more than 60 countries. The clubs are connected globally through Friendship Force International (FFI), a nonprofit organization with offices in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


What do you mean by “apply” to go on a trip?

Each Journey is led by an experienced Friendship Force Ambassador Coordinator. They will ask you to fill out an application prior to accepting you as a participant. This application process ensures that travelers are physically healthy enough to make the journey and also that they are committed to the Friendship Force mission.


What does it mean to be committed to the Friendship Force mission?

FFI has a 40 year history of bringing people together in friendship across the barriers that separate people. We think of ourselves as “citizen ambassadors,” each of us having the power to promote good relations at a personal level. A Friendship Force Journey offers an opportunity for people from different parts of the world to share their lives with each other in the spirit of friendship.

The success of the experience depends on the extent to which participants can build friendships, exercise flexibility, adapt to unforeseen difficulties, and promote understanding. We seek out ambassadors who are representative of their community or region and who are sincere global citizens in the service of Friendship Force’s mission to make the world a friendlier, more peaceful place.